Statue Of Unity

Hon'ble Vijay Rupani - Leading from the front

Shrestha Bharat Bhavan A modern convention center

The Hotel is designed to be approximately 128-key, providing a 3-star facility on four guestroom levels above a public floor containing meal services, a ballroom, and other meeting and event spaces. King rooms and suites are located on the river side of the building, where they have access to balconies overlooking generous gardens.

The simple and modern architectural character of the Hotel and Convention Center is complemented by lush plantings along the balconies, linking the building to the landscape and reinforcing the environmental theme of the development.

Distinctive and dramatically lit architectural elements, such as the circular stair hall facing the garden and river, create a special guest experience as well as a memorable image of the Hotel.

While Shri Narendra Modi is the spirit behind the project.

Hon'ble Vijay Rupani is the force behind its speedy implementation.

Decisive steps taken to speedily implement the project:

  • On 29th September 2016, a ground breaking ceremony, for the foundation of "Memorial & Visitor Center".




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